Tourist Information Booking System - Features and benefits

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  • Keep your customers on your website - Your listings are displayed as a part of your website. Even though you are using our web application, you customers will not know the difference. Your logos colours and styles are used and only your listings are shown. You have total control of what is displayed and what is not displayed.
  • Designed for multiple listing types - Can be used for tours, accommodation, car rentals, and transport.
  • Instant bookings and enquiry - Capture potential customer details and have a staff member respond to enquiries. The customer is presented with a simple form to complete - eliminate the frustration of waiting on hold.
  • Show locations with Google Maps™ - Simply enter the address of the tour operator and their location is displayed as a zoomable, scrollable map thanks to Google Maps™.

Powerful Administration Console

Easy to add listings to your website - Adding items to your website is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3 :

  1. Login to the back-end administration web application and create the new listing
  2. Enter the product's details like description, price and category
  3. Upload a photo or two

That's it - it's that simple, your customers can now buy through your website

Accept payments

Every business has different needs, allow your customers to pay using a range of payment methods.

  • Merchant Facility – You can accept credit cards directly through your website and have the money deposited directly into your bank account with your merchant facility. Your website essentially becomes another EFTPOS machine.
  • Payment service – Using a payment service, like Paypal, is an easy and cost effective way to accept online payments.
  • Manual EFTPOS – Manually keying in credit card details into your EFTPOS machine or bank’s payment gateway is an easy method for lower volumes without incurring extra expenses.
  • Totally Offline – Follow-up with clients directly after they order or allow your regular clients to use a store account.

Talk to us about which payment method is right for you.

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