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Sell Products Online

How much extra revenue could you make if you sold products online?

Every business is different and thus not two have the same requirements for online selling. Are you after a company that will take the time to understand your needs then design and manage a solution that will see you equipped with a powerful and secure online sales facility?

WebVantage will help develop an online sales strategy that harnesses the power of your cloud.

How can my cloud help with selling products online?

While it is true that there are many ways of offering product for sale online, like eBay and using open source software, using the power of your cloud is the only way of maximising the potential of selling online, while minimising inherit risks.

By maintaining your brand

You have likely spent considerable time and money into building a brand.  Through your website, you have a great opportunity to take your brand to the next level and open up broader markets and sell against much bigger competitors. Why then would you consider online selling options that put your brand at risk?

Selling though generic sites or using unmaintained shopping cart programs is an easy path to brand damage. Why spend your marketing dollars promoting someone else's sites or take the risk that your site may get hacked?

Let us show you how you can safely build your online selling facilities into your website using your cloud.  Your customers log on to your website and stay there to buy product.  We then makes sure that all systems are running currently.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it. 

Does not advertise your competitors

One problem with using generic selling sites to sell products is that you run the real risk of seeing potential customers diverted to products advertised by your competitors.  Remember, generic sites generally are not concerned with which vendor someone buys from, they make their money either way.

Keep your potential customers on your website.  Setting up your own cloud services and with an online shop embedded into your website, you maintain control of the browsing and buying experience.  There are no stray links that can distract potential customers.

It is secure

Often online stores are created by taking a free piece of shopping cart software and implanting it into a website. While this may seem like a simple way of setting up the desired functionality, however generally the security implications of taking customer information and handling credit card data are not fully understood.  

Just like your computer, software you use inside your website needs updating. There are many websites using very old shopping cart systems that have never been updated. These are ticking timebombs and are waiting for the information entered into them to be stolen and sold on the black market.

Don't let your website end up here!

When WebVantage helps create your cloud, the technologies used will not only be secure, they are provided as a managed service. Engineers familiar with the range of threats to data security will maintain the integrity of your online services. While nothing is ever 100%, you can rest easy knowing that if a security risk is found, it will be fixed quickly.

This is the WebVantage difference!  Learn more about this here.

Integrated into your business processes

Often when setting up an online shop, the main focus is to get customer facing functionality working and often little thought is placed into optimising back end operations.

How will staff process orders? Will there be any link to an existing POS or warehousing system?  How will financial reporting be handled?  How will payments be taken and reconciled? Often the failure to correctly address these questions can see a potentially valuable asset turn into a white elephant.  

WebVantage has the experience to help you understand the best ways to integrate your new online shop into your existing operations.

Talk to a consultant today to discuss your integration requirements.

Integrated correctly, your online shop will not create any data entry duplication and will become a seamless part of your operation and just another sales outlet.

Next steps...

If you would like to explore the options available to get your business selling product online, then talk to a WebVantage consultant now.

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