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Do you want to boost sales revenue by offering a secure online selling solution?

Imagine if you could offer online sales through your website without having to worry about the technical details.

Do you rely on third party systems like eBay when selling online? If so you are not only paying high fees but are losing potential brand recognition by sending customers away from your website. You may also see your potential customers being distracted by competitive offerings, effectively wasting your precious marketing dollars.

Taking control of your online selling strategy need not be a daunting task and in fact can be a quite simple by using your cloud. WebVantage can deploy a customised solution using  fully managed off the shelf SaaS based modules, meaning that you get to sell to your customers your way. 

Manage product listings

Out of date product information is a sure fire way to scare off potential clients.  They will think the website has become a white elephant and that they enquiry or order will not be fulfilled.  You need a way to easily manage how the information on display through your online store.

Take secure payments

Ensure the that the maximum amount of revenue from each sales makes it to your bank account, and is not lost in commissions to providers of generic online sales portals and expensive payment mechanisms.   

By integrating a payment gateway right into the heard of your online sales solution not only can you save money but you maintain consistency of your brand throughout the purchasing process. Your customers are not redirected to external payment websites and you see the money promptly in your merchant facility.

Build loyalty – customer portal

Do you want to encourage repeat business? Offering your customers the opportunity to become a part of you business is an effective way to ensure that they keep buying from you. By providing a facility where they can perform tasks like tracking orders, viewing transaction histories, and submitting customer enquiries, customers are less likely to shop around for every transaction when you have proven that your company is simple and efficient to do business with.

Offer gift vouchers

What better way is there to build loyalty and increase sales by offering the chance for your customers to gift the opportunity to buy from you to their family friends and colleagues?

Why not offer a way that customers could buy a gift voucher from your website, have it emailed instantly to the intended recipient where they could use a secure code to redeem it for the products or services of their choosing.

Your staff has full view over all gift vouchers that are outstanding and can even issue new ones to people who buy in-store or over the phone.

What next...

We understand that every business is different which is why out solutions are fully customisable.  Talk to a consultant today about different options for SaaS based online sales solutions.

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