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Honda Australia

During 2013 WebVantage was commissioned by Honda Australia’s Rider Training division to automate their training and certification operation. The aim of the project was to produce an online service to allow potential customers to make bookings as well as giving staff the ability to manage the operation. With sites in three difference states, WebVantage needed to ensure centralised control and visibility was achieved while catering to the compliance and operational differences that were present at each location.


The build was completed within three months with a progressive rollout to the individual sites occurring over the following three months. The modular components of the WebVantage Application Matrix facilitated this rapid deployment while allowing for customisations to support the specific needs of the HART business.

The final solution comprises of the following WebVantage Application Matrix modules:

  • Course Manager - provides the framework for managing courses, taking bookings and financial reporting
  • Instant Payment System - secure credit card payment processing
  • Gift Voucher Manager - on-line voucher sale and redemption

Integrated into HART branding

The web front end was customised to ensure compliance with the existing website's look and feel.  All online services are embedded within the body of the website ensuring a seamless browsing and spending experience by customers.

Tailored business rules

The solution was customised to ensure that course attendees who book using the on-line service meet appropriate prerequisites.  This eliminates the confusion and disappointment that would otherwise be experienced should people who meet the minimum needs be permitted to complete their booking.  Should an answer be given that precludes attendance on a course, the system provides specific instructions to the would-be attendee as to how they can become compliant.

Increase efficiency - automated booking experience

Customers are presented with a simple wizard based interface which steps them through the booking process from initial course selection, choosing the date and time, live availability check, payment, and confirmation.  At no point does the customer need to contact a staff member to complete their booking.  At the completion of the booking process the customer receives an email outlining the course details.  

The system automatically calculates the price based on appropriate business rules and can include discounts by way of promotion codes, which are managed though the administration portal.

Gift Vouchers - increase revenues

To maxamise revenues the system includes a gift voucher management system.  Vouchers can be created by staff through the administration portal for walk-in or phone based purchases or by customers through the website.  The voucher can then be emailed directly to the recipient as a branded PDF file that contains a secure validation code, the amount and personalised message.

All outstanding vouchers are listed and manageable through the administration portal.  Sales reports can also show the balances that outstanding for accounting purposes.  To redeem the voucher, the recipient simply makes a booking through the website as normal, however selects "gift voucher" as the payment method then enters the secure validation code.  The balance is then amended accordingly, with any shortfall payable by credit card.

Real-time visibility and control

Tight control over the operation can only be achieved if the right reports can be generated quickly and are tailored to ensure the right information at hand when needed.  The administration portal contains an advanced reporting engine that lets staff customise reports for their needs and export data for use within other systems.

The solution provides staff the ability to generate course manifests which includes bookings from all sources such as phone, walk-in and the web.  This not only ensures staff who conduct the course are given up to date information but also allows customers to book at the last minute (often when the office is closed) maximising attendance rates thus maximising revenue..

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