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Manage Partner Channels

Do you wish that there was simple and secure way of opening your systems up to your partners?

Just imagine the potential for revenue growth and productivity gains if your resellers, distributors or agents could directly access the heart of your business to carry out key functions - 24 x 7 and without having to involve your staff!

Your cloud is the perfect vehicle to simplify the engagement process between you and your business partners.

Secure Partner Portal

Why not consider how you could use your could to offer a secure partner or agent portal?

What would this mean for your brand? Your website would be seen as a valuable resource and your operations would be seen as simple to do business with. 

Your partners would no longer be restricted by your opening hours, fax through paper based orders only to be rekeyed on your end, or need to wait on hold to ask common questions. The secure portal could let them help themselves and enter data right into your business system, eliminating errors and saving time for all concerned.

Through a secure administration portal, you can manage who has access to the partner portal by assigning usernames and passwords to each entity. The specific functions your cloud could offer partners and agents is limited only by your imagination!  As a start, just consider the top five functions you would like to automate and take the load off currently manual processes.


By extending your cloud to partners, they can be assured that they have access to up to date information. Whether it is stock levels, product details, or seating availability, providing partners with a window into your live system gives them the confidence that their customers will receive quality service when they refer them to your business without the risk of being disappointed. 

Your partners will quickly learn that doing business with you means that issues often experienced are no longer exist such as: concerns of overbooking, needing to confirm last minute bookings / orders, or being out of stock, waiting on hold to check availability. They simply use your cloud to login to the secure portal and place an order or booking. Your cloud then ensures the order is valid, the product is available and processes the details.

Your staff also have access to partner orders / bookings as they happen. The screens used by your staff are driven by the same database as your partners so there is no lag between the time information is entered by partners and when it is available to staff. This new level of accuracy lets you have tighter control over your whole business as you can better predict transaction volumes.

Management of partner relationships

In today’s business world, partnerships are diverse and complex. Management of commissions, margins and performance is no trivial matter. Why then wouldn’t you want to use your cloud to simplify the process?  Since your partners and agents now enter data directly into your systems using the secure agent portal, then why wouldn’t you want the same system to manage the relationship itself?

Using your cloud, you can setup the details of specific partner relationships with a real time picture of transactions and performance available from any web browser. With the powerful reporting engine available, high level summary information and detailed data can retrieved at the drop of a hat.

What Next?

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