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Are you looking for innovative ways of increasing revenue?

By creating your cloud, you open the doors to new and exciting ways of increasing revenue.  Whether you want to setup an online store, a B2B distributor portal, or a way for reps on the road to enter orders with mobile devices, Your Cloud will become a revenue earner before you know it.

How will my cloud grow revenue?

It is available 24 x 7

As soon as your shops close each day, you stop making money. Your cloud, on the other hand, continues operating.  No overtime, no penalty rates, no concern about public holidays, your online presence will continue letting customers buy from you long after staff have gone home for the day.

It will open new markets

No longer will your business be limited to the confines of physical offices or store locations.  Physical premises are limited to specific geographies and often tied to lease arrangements that take a percentage of your income.

Your cloud will know no physical bounds.  Extending your business online will mean that customers who are outside your traditional territories will be able to buy from you. 

It will help you build trust

By offering online services, you will develop a position of trust within your customer and partner base.  They will see that your business is easy to deal with and will be more inclined to give you repeat business. 

WebVantage will help you understand proven ways of interacting with partners and customers using your cloud, that foster deeper relationships, promoting repeat business and higher transaction values.

It will increase control over your operation

In today's business world staff, partners and customers are not necessarily close to traditional management structures, and it can be easy to lose control.  Your Cloud services will offer an unprecedented level of visibility over your operation. 

Transactions are logged, audit trails are maintained and reports are available in real time.  Since staff in remote locations, partners and customers all share (albeit with different levels of access) the same system, data is updated instantly and made available to management for review.

What types of services could my cloud offer?

Online shopping

Allow customers to browse through your products and buy from the convenience of their web browser.  Imagine the potential if you could reach a global market.  A well designed and maintained online shop will be a valuable draw card to your business.

Online reservations

Take your business into the 21st centenary by offering an online reservation service.  Customers will be able to get an instant answer as to availability and receive confirmation as they make reservations.  Customers can even make bookings right up to activity cut off times, which are often after normal closing times.

A customer portal

Attract repeat business and foster loyalty with a customer portal.  Give customers their own login and password to your cloud based services.  They can then manage their own profile, track spending and initiate new transactions.  Business terms like payment mechanisms, credit limits and discount levels can be setup on a customer by customer basis, taking into account the status each may have within your business.

An agent / partner portal

Extend your cloud into the business of your agents so that they can easily and simply transact with you.  No longer will they need to sit in hold then ultimately tie up one of your staff members when performing routine tasks like booking a customer onto one of your services.  You can also setup and maintain the specifics of the business relationship like commission values and have real time access to performance data for each agent.

Next steps...

WebVantage will take the time to understand your business and, with expert consulting services, make recommendations as to how Your Cloud will increase revenue.

Talk to WebVantage today, every day you wait, revenue is being left on the table.

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