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Boost Customer Loyalty

Your cloud is the perfect vehicle to improve customer loyalty

How much additional revenue could your business earn if your cloud worked to earn you repeat business? What ways could you keep your customers not only thinking about your business but also seeing the cloud based services you offer as a competitive advantage?

Use your cloud to not only provide revenue generating services but also to make your business easier to deal with. Just like you, your customers are busy and often they want to perform tasks like executing financial transactions, buying products, making bookings, and updating personal detail records at time convenient for them from their chosen location.

Build a community

A community built around your business fosters a sense of ownership in the eyes of the customer. Your brand will become top of mind when future purchasing decisions are being made, and even if you aren’t the cheapest, consumers will be more inclined to buy from you because of the trust that has been created.

Why not create a club or association for your customer base? Perhaps even issue rewards points to encourage repeat purchase. For example, your cloud could support this by allowing: points accumulation to reward online purchases, redemption of rewards by letting customers pay with points, and the customer portal could allow the tracking of balances and transactions.

Blogs, newsletters, social networking and email marketing are all great examples of activities that your cloud can support to improve customer loyalty. From keeping your customers up to date on new products and offers to soliciting real time feedback about your services, the ways in which you can use your cloud to build community and thus trust are limited only by your imagination.

Gift vouchers

A simple way of increasing revenues is to offer gift vouchers. Let customers buy and redeem vouchers directly through your website.

Imagine if customers could use your website to purchase a gift voucher, they would then be emailed a file containing the voucher that had a secure redemption code embedded into the design.  The recipient could then logon to your website and redeem it for the products and services of their liking.

Behind the scenes you could view the details and summary reports of outstanding vouchers and control aspects of the system like expiry policies.

Talk to WebVantage about the potential of using your cloud to offer a fully automated gift voucher management service.

Customer Portal

Using your cloud to provide a functional customer portal is a great way to improve customer service without expending staff resources.  Not only will productivity gains be realised within your operation, your customers will be more inclined to keep returning to your website and thus to your business. 

What functions could you provide through a customer portal?  Some common examples are:

  • Knowledge bases – answers to commonly asked questions;
  • Follow-up customer service requests – let customers log and track sales enquiries and customer service requests;
  • Transaction history – view details of current and past orders;
  • Loyalty points tracking – earning, reporting and redemption;

Remember, these are just examples, we can advise on the specific services that you may want offer through your customer portal.

What next?

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Talk to WebVantage today about ways to use your cloud to improve customer loyalty.

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