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Are you looking for innovative ways of improving customer services?

Did you know that your cloud could help you improve customer service and reduce costs at the same time?

That's right, you can get the best of both worlds and have happier customers and lower costs.  By offering online services to your customers, they will be able to help themselves at a time and place that is convenient without having to tie up your staff's valuable time.

How will my cloud help with providing customer service?

It is available 24 x 7

Do you keep standard office hours but are concerned that your customers would like to interact with your business at other times?  Is the cost of manning the phones after hours prohibitive?  If you answered yes, then your cloud could be the answer.  Giving your customers the ability to transact with you at all hours has many knock on effects like increased revenue and higher repeat business rates.  

Your website is the key to developing cloud based services that open the door to being available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It will free up staff

No more will your staff be tied up answering the same questions on the phone or servicing customer service enquiries.

Customers love convenience

More often than not, customers are looking to companies that give them an answer to questions and allow them to buy online.  If you are seen as a reliable online business, you will attract new customers and make your existing ones happier.

What types of cloud services will improve customer serivce?

Your customers will be able to interact with your business without having to wait on hold.  Customers prefer using a well thought out online service to manage their dealings with a company as opposed to waiting on hold or in line for a free staff member.

While the options are really only limited by your imagination, here are some common examples:

  • Online sales
    The most common type of online service designed to provide customer service is an online ordering system.  Allow customers to browse through your products, then buy them from the comfort of their web browser.
  • Customer portal
    Why not consider giving your customers their own login and password into your website?  This not only builds a scene of "ownership" when it comes to the customers' attitude to dealing with your business encouraging repeat business, but also lets them perform functions such as: keeping their contact information up to date; reviewing past transactions and performing new purchases.
  • General information
    Do you know how many websites I have seen that don't even list a store's opening hours? Seriously I have lost count. How many calls of this nature do you receive on a daily basis? Ensuring that your website has useful up to date information means that your customers can access the latest details about your business.  Old information is not only useless to prospective customers but can even be damaging, for example they start wondering if you are even still in business.

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