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Do you want to take payments through your website but don't know where to start?

Do you want to partner with a company that has the experience to help you realise the benefits of online payments and not have to worry about the minefield of security and logistical pitfalls?

If you do, then talk to a WebVantage consultant now about your online payment needs.

Why take payments through my cloud?

While there are a number of options available for taking online payments, none offer the benefits of integrating online payments processing directly into your cloud. 

It is cost effective

Have you negotiated competitive credit card processing rates with your current processing provider?  If so, then why not take leverage of this for your online payments.  Payments taken through your online services can become an extension to your current EFTPOS solution and get credited directly into the same merchant facility.  

This means less fees as you are only running one account and potentially reduced per-transaction costs as you now have higher volumes to negotiate with.

It inspires confidence

Having credit card payment processing embedded directly into your website as a seamless part of the booking process builds trust and confidence with customers.  Don't confuse them with strange looking pop up windows or redirections to generic payment systems.  Anything that serves as a distraction can potentially cost you a sale.

Your cloud will quickly be seen as a convenient and trusted place to do business.

Integrated into your banking

Since you are using your existing merchant facility, your money is deposited into the same account as your other credit card payments.  There are no separate accounts to reconcile or costly transfers to perform.

This is also the fastest way to get access to your money once a customer has completed their transaction.

It is secure

Managing online payments is serious business.  Businesses can be exposed to big loses if it is not done correctly.  Fraudulent transactions and website hacking are just some of the potential problems you may encounter.

We invest considerable time and money into ensuring that our systems are kept secure and one step ahead of current online threats to business.  By letting us create your cloud, you too can reap the benefits of these efforts and rest in knowing that your online transactions are secured by industry best practice policies and technologies. 

Don't let your website end up here!

When WebVantage helps create your cloud, the technologies used will not only be secure, they are provided as a managed service. Engineers familiar with the range of threats to data security will maintain the integrity of your online services. While nothing is ever 100%, you can rest easy knowing that if a security risk is found, it will be fixed quickly.

Next steps...

After you understand the other business solutions that your cloud could deliver, integrating online payments is the next logical step.  

Talk to a Webvantage consultant now about secure and cost effective ways of taking payments online.

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