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Are you after system that sets you up to grow your business to almost an unlimited number of franchisees, at the same time providing support for centralised services like call centres and stock ordering while maintaining visibility across all operations?

If you are then your cloud is the answer...  In fact, it is almost too good to be true when it comes to the management of a franchised business operation.

Let your franchisees be responsible for their own business and develop their own relationships within their local area while maintaining visibility over their operation.

Give your franchisees their own cloud!

So far through this website we discuss about the benefits of creating your cloud and offering various services to enhance the engagement between your staff, business partners and customers.  For a franchised business, with your cloud, adding this additional dimension is straight forward. 

If you think about it, it makes real sense.  Give your franchisees the chance to use their cloud to provide mobile facilities to their customers, as well to give their customers and partners the ability to engage directly.

Facilitating a virtual copy of your cloud facilities for each new franchise is easy, and you can maintain a view over the whole business so that you can correctly calculate commissions, franchise fees as well as providing support when it is needed.

Enhance your franchise support network

What attracts new franchisees is the confidence they have in the framework you offer. A well structured set of online facilities will go a long way to provide this confidence. Your cloud will become the cornerstone in the support network that you have to offer.

Though the use of web and mobile technologies you will demonstrate to potential franchisees that you will be offering them a state of the art set of facilities that will enable their business. Whether you need the ability to send details of new orders to people on the road, or to give them the ability to process transactions regardless of their physical location, we can help you build a suite of online services that will be sure to help you attract new franchisees.

Process Enhancement and Automation

Much of the processes that franchised businesses rely upon can be automated using your cloud.  Imagine the savings in people power if tasks like job allocation, payment handling and customer service could be fully automated or delegated back the franchisee to perform.

The limitations around office hours and problems of managing bursts during busy times disappear instantly.  Your cloud and the services it provides will be online 24 x 7 and can handle multiple requests at the same time.

What Next?

Consider how many new franchisees could you attract or how your business could transform by creating your cloud.  Book a time to talk to a WebVantage consultant today.


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