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Are you after a solution designed to take your self-storage business online?

Imagine if there was a single solution designed to run the day to day operational aspects of your business that also alowed customers and partners to connect directly in order to make bookings and manage their existing business dealings with you – all from the comfort of a web browser from almost anywhere.test

By working with WebVantage to Create Your Cloud, you can offer a range of online services designed to increase revenues and productivity while reducing costs at the same time.

Search for available storage lockers and book online

How much additional revenue would you make if, once potential customers found your website, they could search for availability, book and pay in a single browsing session?

Since Your Cloud shares the same product availability database across your staff, customers and partners, everyone has access to up to the minute information therefore bookings can be confirmed immediately without the risk of double booking.

Your website will be equipped with a simple wizard to allow potential customers to search for available products.  Pricing and rental terms are managed through the administration portal so that customers are given accurate costs and have the confidence to complete their transactions online.

Sell ancillary items

Do you sell related ancillary items such as moving boxes and packing tape?  By adding the Shopfront module to your cloud, you are able to make these sales online.  From the same administration portal that you use to manage your day to day operations, details about your online sales are now available.

Sales of ancillary items can be built into the hire process as an upselling strategy or made available as an independent function.

Management of box hire

Perhaps you hire out moving boxes on a temporary basis.  Your cloud could easily be setup to manage this part of your operation.  The system can manage the lifecycle of the hire transaction  from the initial sale where the deposit and refundable component are calculated, through to finalisation where the refund is given upon the return of the boxes.

Manage partners

Do you have partners, such as removalists and real estate agents who refer business to you?  If so then we could add a secure partner portal to your cloud.  These companies can be issued with a username and password that lets them use your website to create new rentals and purchases on behalf of their customers.

Our solution is capable of managing commission rates and payments to these companies, greatly simplifying what is often a complex and time consuming set of tasks

Customers manage their own profiles

Adding a customer portal to Your Cloud, your customers are able to perform the leg work for you.  They can manage aspects of their dealings with your company such as:

  • Payment information for automatic rebelling
  • Contact information
  • Rental terms and create new bookings
  • Up-sell ancillary items
Giving customers access to this type of facility encourages them to help themselves instead of tying up your staff.  Not only will you realise these related productivity gains, customers will see your business as easy to do business with and be more inclined to spend more with you.

Financial reporting

Whatever your financial reporting requirements are, a powerful reporting engine ensures you get the information you need, when you need it.  A range of existing reports are available including:

  • Sales data by date range and product type
  • State of rentals, including expiry dates
Should you have specific reporting needs, then we are able to create customised templates during the deployment.

Franchisee Management

Do you have, or want to have, a network of franchisees?  With your cloud, you are able to provide centralised ordering and customer service facilities.  This provides for visibility and control over each operation while giving franchisees the ability to build successfully businesses in their own right.

Learn more about using your cloud to manage franchised business.

Next Steps…

A solution very similar to this is in use today by Queensland Rail and is helping them manage their network of bicycle lockers across the Brisbane train system.  Read the case study now and imagine how your business could enjoy the same benefits.

Talk to one of our consultants now and discuss ways that Your Cloud will set your business ahead of your competition. 

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