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Reduce Costs

Have you though about how using the cloud can help you reduce costs?

Your Cloud will provide systems that integrate operational processes by linking your staff to customers and partners.  Your business will become more efficient by taking true advantage of the modern connected world.  

How will my cloud reduce costs?

By Increasing staff productivity

Make your workforce more efficient with your cloud.  

  • Free up staff - by offering online services, the time spent on the phone repeatedly giving out the same information or performing the same tasks will be greatly reduced; 
  • Data entry - let others do it.  With your cloud, customers and business partners perform their own data entry;
  • Avoid duplication - no more entering the same data in multiple systems.

Facilitating staff mobility

Have you been looking for a way to easily offer staff access to your systems while they are on the road?  These days there are a range of mobile devices like phones and tablets that offer great potential to enhance your your operation.

With Your Cloud, you can give secure access to your staff, no matter where they are.  By tapping into the power of a mobile workforce, the possibilities are endless:

  • Staff can work from home - flexibility is the key to happy staff and high retention;
  • Perform data entry while on the road - no more waiting until getting back to the office to key in orders and customer details;
  • Real time information - are there last minute orders that staff like drivers and guides need?  

Save on IT spending

One of the true benefits of cloud computing is that there is a minimal investment needed on IT infrastructure.  All the processing, data storage and applications are stored centrally with WebVantage in our secure datacentre.  All you need to provide are access terminals with internet access.  A PC or a Mac with a web browser, a smartphone or a tablet with a 3G data plan are great examples of how you can access your cloud.  

What cloud services will help reduce my costs?

Customer service facilities

Often your staff spend considerable time with customers giving out the same information over again or performing repetitive tasks.  By providing online customer service facilities, your customers can perform much of the hard work for you - and because of the convenience they will be happy to do it! Talk about win win.

Your customers could be browsing the information on your website, a Content Management System would ensure that the information is kept up to date.  A well designed online service could see customers placing orders, entering reservation details or updating their contact details them-self, reducing the burden on your staff.

Business 2 business facilities

Just think of the savings in staff time if your business partners were able to log on to a secure portal and have secured access into your systems.  For example, they could access product information, update customer records, place orders and view past transaction details.  All without having to take up the time of your staff.

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Next steps...

WebVantage will take the time to understand your business and, with expert consulting services, make recommendations as to how Creating Your Cloud will reduce your costs.

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