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We live in exciting times - the emergence of the cloud opens the door to almost unlimited potential for nearly every organisation.

How do you harness this power to make your business more profitable? This is where WebVantage comes in.

What is the WebVantage Difference?

Here at WebVantage we value long term relationships with our customers. Our way of doing business is simple: we help you realise real business value quickly and cost effectively so that you see value in your investment and want to continue investing in new technologies and services from us.

In nearly every situation, large gains can be realised with relatively small outlays. Building the foundation of your cloud is usually straight forward but the benefits will be felt for a long time to come. Getting these early step right is critical to the long term success of your cloud and ensuring that your business objectives can be met over the long term.

WebVantage sees that its combination of the three critical elements differentiates itself from the crowd of point products on the market today:

1. Business Acumen - Understanding business issues and how your cloud can solve them

The team at WebVantage has a wealth of real world business and technology experience. We will take the time to understand your operation and will able to help you make the right technology investments to improve your business.

Our customers always have access to consultants that will happily discuss innovative options for your cloud that will drive revenue and efficiencies.

Book a time with a WebVantage consultant today, your first consultation is free.

2. Technology - The WebVantage Application Matrix

Unique to WebVantage and the cornerstone in every solution we deploy is the WebVantage Application Matrix.

Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), the Application Matrix combines a range of pre-developed fully integrated applications, the agility of a fully customisable platform, the safety of a shared hosting environment, and the flexibility of the World Wide Web. This results in a truly unique solution set with an unrivalled ability to transform any business into a cloud-based powerhouse.

We have developed a diverse array of applications that can be combined to in order to create your cloud in a manner specific to your needs. Each application is designed as a complete business solution with functionality for your staff, customers and business partners. A secure administration portal gives your staff access to the functions of all applications that make up your cloud so that they can run your business from almost any internet computer or device.

By picking and choosing between the different modules applicable to your industry, adding new capability to your cloud is simple and straight forward. Click here to learn about the different WebVantage Application Matrix applications available.

When an application is added to your cloud, it will be customised to meet your needs. Expert consulting will ensure that you are involved through every step of the way, ensuring that the end result not only meets expectations but delivers tangible business value.

The WebVantage Application Matrix platform is monitored to 24x7 to ensure that your business is protected against security vulnerabilities and is online so your business never stops.

3. Services – the key a solid business relationship

Even the best technology can’t deliver results unless it is backed by a range of services designed to ensure that the correct combinations are chosen correctly, they are configured and customised according to your needs, integrated seamlessly into your operation and supported throughout it’s useful life.

We have developed a proven methodology for ensuring that creating your cloud successfully delivers the desired outcomes.

Prior to a project commencing

Before we activate any technology, we take the time to understand your needs. Even with our wealth of experience with a diverse range of organisations, we know that each one has a different set of problems and requirements.

A consultant will be assigned to you and they will clearly explain how different ways of creating your cloud will achieve specific results.


Once you have decided which direction your cloud will take, a formal project will be set up and will be managed according to project management best practices. We will generally need you to provide feedback and perform testing through the process and our flexible approach ensures that the final solution becomes a valuable asset.

Having those who will manage the operation of your cloud enabled to correctly use its functions is imperative to a successful outcome. We will make sure that you and your staff receives appropriate levels of training. A tailored training program will be developed and delivered as your cloud is built.

Ongoing management and support

At the completion of a deployment project, the relationship is far from over. Our management and support services take over to make sure that your cloud stays online and secure. The beauty of the Software as a Service model is that you will not need to be concerned with tasks like managing servers, patching operating systems or backing up data. WebVantage monitors all systems and responds to any issues 24 x 7.

With any technology, issues can and do arise from time to time. Whether it simple usability problem or a more serious technical fault, you can rest assured that our support services are ready to assist. Submitting service requests is a simple process with many options available including: in application support functions; web-based support portal; email and phone.

Regardless of your needs, we will structure a support package that meets the needs of your orginisation.

What next?

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