Data Sovereignty

With the cloud trust and transparency is everything!

When utilising cloud based solutions, it is important to understand some basic information about the service itself.  This way you are able to give certain assurances to your customers.

We adopt an open policy when it comes to how our systems operate and the underlying architecture so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any specific questions.

This represents the Data Sovereignty Statement of WebVantage Business Solutions as of 20th January 2012.


For the purposes of this statement, the following terms are defined:

  • Cloud Services: SaaS based services provided by WebVantage to customers either by utilising the WebVantage Application Matrix or other SaaS Service. 
  • SaaS Data: information submitted to WebVantage by customers and their customers in the process of using cloud Services.
  • Infrastructure: equipment such as servers, networking and security appliances.
  • Production Systems: Infrastructure that is used by WebVantage o provide Cloud Services
  • Disaster Recovery Systems: Infrastructure that has the capability of providing Cloud Services but will only do so in the event that the Primary Systems are not operating nominally.

Production Systems

All Production Systems are located within secure datacenter facilities that are located within Australia.

Disaster Recovery Systems

All disaster Recovery Systems are located within secure datacenter facilities that are located within Australia.


WebVantage currently utilises a cloud backup service that is located outside Australia.  Copies of SaaS Data is  transferred to the cloud backup service at regular intervals.  All SaaS Data stored within this service is encrypted utilising industry standard strong encryption with all keys remaining within Australia.

Since that any SaaS Data that is stored outside Australia is fully encrypted, thus is generally considered sufficient to meet any requirements that data not be stored offshore.

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