Adventure Sports

Are you looking for a solution that will automate your adventure sports operation, from initial booking through to service operation and financial reporting?

This industry solution is relevant for operators of activities like: SCUBA diving, bungee jumping, sky diving, rafting, fishing, cycling, winter sports, tours, kayaking, mountaineering, etc.

As an adventure sport operator, you need your customers, agents and staff to share the same real time information without the need to rely on data entry duplication. Currently you are likely relying on a combination of different disjoint systems and manual processes that are not only inefficient but could be costing you sales and increasing your expenses.

With your cloud, you could totally automate the booking process, bring together bookings from different sources, take control of your agent channel and streamline administrative functions. Keep reading to see how your cloud could enhance your adventure sport business.

Remote access

With adventure sports, often staff responsible for managing the operation of your service are not located at one central point. They are where the activity is like airports, jump sites, rivers and pickup points.  ust think of the efficiencies to be gained if they have access to up to the minute information about which customers will be on the next timeslot.

Using your cloud, this is no longer pipe dream. Armed with a mobile connected device like a Smartphone or iPad, they can use your cloud, login to a secure portal and retrieve booking details and manifests. Without having to rely on printouts that are often up to 24 hours old.

Agent management

Are you relying on a paper based system for processing customers who come to you via agents?  You probably then need to enter their details into a spreadsheet, your own system or transcribe their details onto another paper based manifest. Is collating details about which agents sent which  customers to you and when a total nightmare for calculating commissions?

Just imagine if your agents entered customer data directly into your system which then merged the data with bookings from other sources like direct and walk-ins. Your customer would arrive with a printed voucher that had a booking reference number that your system recognised. Your system would manage commission rates for different agents and your finance department could run daily commission reports based on accurate information.

With your cloud, this is not only possible, but is realistic for your business.


How do you manage direct bookings? Do you have a enquiry form that sends an email to your staff who need to manually follow up? Or or do you tell customers to call you where they can sit on hold while your staff members juggle a busy office or shop front? Or do you direct them to an agent or generic booking website where you will then be paying out commission for a customer which found you due to your own marketing activity?

What if your cloud allowed direct customers to use your website to browse your products, check availability at the desired day and time, enter their details directly into your system, pay with a credit card, and received a voucher emailed directly to them?

You would free up staff time, you wouldn’t be paying out excess commissions for customers you found, customers wouldn’t be distracted by products from competitors, and you would eliminate duplicate data entry. 

Next steps

These are just some of the potential benefits of using your cloud to drive revenue and efficiency, there are many more. WebVantage has the industry experience to understand the issues facing your business and can solution that solves them.

Talk to us today about how your cloud can transform your operation. Book a time with a consultant, your first consultation is free.  You have nothing to lose... but what do you have to gain?

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