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Imagine the potential if the websites you designed and built were linked to the heart of your customers’ operations.

As you know, websites offer exceptional marketing opportunities. If your expertise is developing and managing great looking websites then you need to consider the complex task making these websites deliver tangible value.

Let’s look at the typical website evolution process:

  1. Development of quality website.  For most web designers, this piece is straight forward.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand a lot of skill and expertise goes into a quality result, just that this is where your speciality lies.
  2. Making the site interactive.  For the most part, adding elements like an online shopping cart tool or booking script is pretty straight forward and often this is where the process stops, from a web designer’s point of view.
  3. Linking it to the heart of an operation.  This is where we enter the equation.  If this step is not performed correctly or not considered at all, components added during step two often become white elements thus convincing customers to invest further into their website can become difficult. 

When talking to your customers about interactive services through their website consider questions like:

  • How will they manage the orders that the site generates?
  • Will it link to their point of sale systems or will manual data entry be needed?
  • How will their existing systems share data with their new online services?
  • What financial reports are needed?
  • Are other areas of the business being enhanced?
  • Will the best systems be proposed?
  • What will the staff training program look like?
  • How will the systems be patched and maintained to prevent hackers?
  • How will data be backed up?

If you don’t have a clear answer to one or more of these questions then you should consider a partnership with us.

How will you make money from a partnership with us?

  • Increased value placed on website - This is simple. If a customer sees that their website is a valuable asset and integral to their operation they will invest more money in it. We are blatant when we talk to customers about this: our goal is to make our customers more profitable so they keep investing in more technology and services from us. In doing this they will have a higher dependence on their website designer and website management partners.
  • Margin on products and services - When we sell products and services to your customers, you can earn margins and rebates on the sale itself.  This part is straight forward but remember the more lucrative part of the partnership will always be the additional value that the customer will now perceive in the website you produce.

Remember we specialise in linking customer’s website to the heart of their operation and ultimately to their bank account.

If you want to take your creations and turn them into revenue and productivity generating workhorses, then talk to us now about becoming a partner and unlock revenue streams you never dreamed existed.


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