Instant Payment System - Features and Benefits

Seamless integration

Snapping seamlessly into your website, IPS completely takes on its look and feel.  Your customers will not be confused by annoying popup windows or be redirected to sites which look completely different.

Simple interface

As with any WebVantage Application Matrix module, IPS gives your staff a web based, menu driven user friendly administration interface from which to manage its functions.  Accountability is assured by giving each staff member their own username and password for access – no more common passwords.

Advanced features

  • Widespread support - Most major Australian banks are supported; contact us for the latest list.
  • Simple to use - Easily view payments entered through your website with the transaction log accessible through the secure administration interface.
  • Secure - Our secure server ensures that your customer’s credit card details are kept private.  All transaction details are logged and administration is through a secure website. 

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