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The web based administration portal provides secure access to the functionality of the Hire Manager as well as allowing staff to perform day to day tasks such as customer service, managing resources and products, creating reservations, and running reports.

The administration portal is accessible through your cloud from basically any internet computer, smartphone or tablet.  This means that staff are not tied to an office and can perform their jobs from almost anywhere.

Business process integration

The system has the capability of managing all reservations, not just ones created online.  Staff can use the administration portal to create reservations that may have came in by phone or in store.

The system has the capability to manage the business process surrounding lifecycle of a reservation from creation, payment and completion.  For example if pickup logistics need to be arranged, the system can delegate tasks to appropriate staff until complete.

Advanced features

  • Allotment control – the system monitors the duration of reservations and the stock levels of different resources to ensure that over-bookings do not occur. 
  • Mobile access – since the system is fully compliant with common smartphones and tablets, staff can access needed information about customers and reservations when and where they need it.
  • Manage customers – perform customer service functions like setting up accounts and resetting passwords.
  • Manage orders and payments – browse current reservations and verify payment status

Powerful reports

Generate real time reports for all reservations regardless of whether the it came through the web, an agent or directly.   The flexible reporting engine ensures that you have access to the information you need when you need it.

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