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An important part of any franchised business is its support infrastructure. Your cloud is the perfect mechanism to streamline your engagement with franchisees. 

Hire Manager provides advanced franchisee management features which facilitate centralised visibility and control over franchisees while giving them their own secure portal from which to conduct business.

Just think how attractive your franchised business would look to prospective investors when they see that you have a solid online platform designed to facilitate their growth and efficiency.

Franchisee portal

The franchisee portal gives your franchisees the ability to interact with customers who may have purchased online as well as perform any centralised operations.  Each franchisee can be given their own username and password to the portal from which they can essentially run their business.

A franchisee will be able to use their portal to perform tasks such as:

  • View jobs assigned to them with advanced tools like a Google Maps integrated planner;
  • Update customer details; and
  • Perform up-sell operations, making use of payment details already on file.

Mobile access

Many businesses require staff to be on the road in order to perform their jobs. Whether they are doing deliveries or visiting clients, for these employees having access to up to the minute data is critical to productivity.

No longer do mobile employees need to rely on printouts that can be up to day old, they can login to the portal from a mobile device like a smaprtphone or tablet (e.g an iPad) and access the data they need and perform actions against jobs that are assigned to them.

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