Hire Manager - Features and Benefits

The Hire Manager brings together multiple aspects of your business. Regardless of how bookings are made, all information is stored within one centralised database in the cloud.  Just because you want to start accepting online bookings, you do not need to all of sudden need to start juggling two separate systems.

Multiple integrated components

The system is equipped with three key components that facilitate a smooth link between your cloud and your operational processes. For example, a booking made online is immediately visible to staff who may need to make arrangements or carry out customer service tasks.

Each component is fully web based, ensuring it is accessible using  basically any internet connected computer, smartphone or tablet. This means you have visibility over your operation in real time from almost anywhere!

Key components of Hire Manager:

  • Public website – convert website viewers to customers without them having to contact your staff. Allow them to browse resource availability, make reservations and pay with the click of a mouse from any convenient location.
  • Administration portal – give staff and management the ability to oversee the operation, run reports, manage system functionality, and perform customer service.
  • Agent / franchises portal – provide the capability for third parties to manage bookings and customers by adding secure portal functionality to your website.


During implementation the system will be customised to ensure that the needs of your operation are catered for. Items such as the look and feel of the website components, data entry screens and business rules are set up to meet your needs. This ensures that not only does the implementation project run as smoothly as possible but you will find that the system will become a tangible business asset.

Simple to use

The system has been designed with usability in mind.  All components are user friendly with simple menu driven interface within the administration portal providing access to all functions.

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