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Powerful booking wizard

Hire Manager provides powerful booking wizard for customers to create new rentals from the comfort of their web browser. After loading your website, they will be able to browse through your products, specify dates for the new rental, search for availability and complete the transaction by paying with a credit card.  

The booking wizard is fully customisable so that it looks and feels as an integrated component of your website.  The booking process will be tailored to meet the needs of your business.  

Customer portal

Encourage repeat business by providing a fully functional customer portal.  A username and password can be issued to customers so that they can login to a secure component of your website.  From this facility, customers are able to perform the following tasks:

  • Maintain their profile - keep details like contact information up to date

  • View past transactions - show a list of previous rentals

  • Manage current transactions - view the status, make extensions and manage payment details

  • Initiate new rentals

Flexible payment options

Every business has different needs, allow your customers to pay using a range of payment methods.

  • Merchant Facility – You can accept credit cards directly through your website and have the money deposited directly into your bank account with your merchant facility. Your website essentially becomes another EFTPOS machine.
  • Payment service – Using a payment service, like Paypal, is an easy and cost effective way to accept online payments.
  • Manual EFTPOS – Manually keying in credit card details into your EFTPOS machine or bank’s payment gateway is an easy method for lower volumes without incurring extra expenses.
  • Totally Offline – Follow-up with clients directly after they order or allow your regular clients to use a store account.

Talk to us about which payment method is right for you.

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