Gift Voucher Manager - Features and Benefits

Logical process and seamless integration

The process of selling, managing and redeeming vouchers is very straight forward being fully integrated into your website and your cloud. Electronic gift vouchers can be customised so that your branding is reinforced.

To buy a voucher:

  1. A potential customer browses to your website
  2. They select the voucher they want and pay for it with their credit card in just a few clicks
  3. An email with a PDF file containing the voucher is email to themself or the intended recipient

To redeem a voucher:

  1. The holder of a voucher logs on to your website and selects the product(s) they want to buy
  2. When prompted for payment they enter the secure code on the voucher
  3. After the voucher is validated, they receive confirmation that the sale is complete
  4. Should the voucher not contain sufficient credit for the sale then they can enter a second payment method

Management of vouchers

One of the challenges with issuing gift vouchers is the potential impact to your balance sheet.  Questions like “when does revenue from the sale of vouchers get recognised as a sale” and “when do unpresented vouchers get written off” need to be answered. Maintaining visibility over the value of the outstanding vouchers ensures is critical ensuring you have an accurate picture of your operation.

The Gift Voucher Manager tracks the value of all outstanding vouchers and can provide reports on sales and expiry dates. This ensures that regardless of your chosen accounting model you have accurate information at hand.

Staff can also use the administration portal to access the details of issued vouchers to provide customer service and can even issue new vouchers for customers who wish to purchase over the phone or in store.

Powerful policy control

You are in control of how and when your vouchers are used.  From the administration console you can manage the attributes of your gift vouchers such as:

  • Expiry dates – keep your balance sheet tidy by specifying a policy for the length of time that vouchers will be valid for.  Don’t just let them sit on you books indefinitely.
  • Denominations – simplify the buying process for the customer and set the available gift voucher values that can be purchased.

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