File Manager - Features and Benefits

Dedicated secure location for each client to upload files

Each client has their own personalised secure location on your website to upload files to. They can also browse and download files which you place there for them. Your customers perform all actions through a web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. They don't need to install any software on their computer.

Easily upload files for clients

You and your staff can upload files for specific customers. Those files will only be available to the clients you specify. Once uploaded the file is visible in the client's secure location on your website.

Take full control

The easy to use back-end allows for simple management of client logins, files uploaded and file size limits. The back end itself is a web application which is viewed through a web browser and needs no software to be installed on your computer.

Cost effective and easy to add to any website

Remember web applications are pre-built and are ready for immediate use. No programming, you pay for only what you use.

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