Event Manager - Features and Benefits

Powerful features

The  Administration console  is a completely web based system that allows your staff to manage the system as well as to take phone and in house bookings. Because it is web based, you are not tied to any specific location, you and your staff can access functions from basically any internet connected computer with a web browser – even a smartphone or tablet like an iPad.


With the power of the Application Matrix, the Event Manger can take on almost any website’s look and feel. Your customers will experience a seamless browsing experience as they move from another part of your website into the event manager to reserve their space at an event and back out again.

During the implementation, we will take the time to understand how your business works and ensure that the reservation experience meets your needs. This may include doing things like customising wizards and data entry screens as well as to make sure that business rules are set up accordingly.  Your project manager and consultant will help with these steps.

Integrated secure payments

Some events will be free, others will need payments to be made, either at the time of booking or at a later date. Having the Instant Payment System integrated into your cloud, you get all the benefits of this powerful payment management solution.

Every business has different needs, allow your customers to pay using a range of payment methods.

  • Merchant Facility – You can accept credit cards directly through your website and have the money deposited directly into your bank account with your merchant facility. Your website essentially becomes another EFTPOS machine.
  • Payment service – Using a payment service, like Paypal, is an easy and cost effective way to accept online payments.
  • Manual EFTPOS – Manually keying in credit card details into your EFTPOS machine or bank’s payment gateway is an easy method for lower volumes without incurring extra expenses.
  • Totally Offline – Follow-up with clients directly after they order or allow your regular clients to use a store account.

Talk to us about which payment method is right for you.

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