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Do you want to take control of your agent channel?  Do you want your agents to use your system under your terms?

The Booking Management System gives you back control of your agent channel while opening up opportunities for agents to do business with you in a more streamline manner.

Relationship management

Setup and maintain different commercial relationships with different agents. Commission rates and commercial terms can be configured on an agent by agent basis, taking into account that the relationship between no two companies is the same. Both "deposit only" and "paid in full" agent models are supported.

Through the administration portal, you can create agents and groups of agents, assign access and report on performance. You also maintain complete control of the bookings created by agents and can make changes as appropriate.

Commission Reporting

Is managing agent commissions a time consuming and draining task?   

The Booking Management System has a powerful reporting and reconciliation engine that makes measuring agent performance quick and easy. Reports are flexible, customisable and updated in real time. This gives you a clear and accurate picture of your business.

Agent performance data can be exported for use in your accounting system, greatly simplifying the process of billing and making making payments to agents.

Agent Portal

Do you want to streamline how agents deal with your business?  Do agents sit on hold as the wait to talk to a sales agent to make a booking?

You can add agent portal to your website easily and securely with the Booking Management System.  Like the other components of the system, your new agent portal will snap right into your website.

No longer will agents need to tie up your staff when checking for availability for their customers.  They will be able to create new bookings and issue vouchers right from within your agent portal.

Customer details will be entered into your system by agents, saving your staff the time of performing data entry. Errors will be eliminated and your business will be seen as an attractive option for busy agents. 

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