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Mobile Skips

Mobile Skips have embedded their cloud into the heart of their business giving them a scalable platform from which to build into a nation-wide franchise, leveraging the latest in mobile and web technologies.

A key piece of any franchise is the support framework offered to franchisees – The Mobile Skips cloud gives their franchisees the capability to be successful and drive their own destiny, coupled with the ability for centralised pooling of resources and visibility over the entire operation.

Transaction lifecycle

The Mobile Skips cloud manages the complete lifecycle of all bookings:

  • Orders taken can be over the phone or the web
  • Jobs are automatically allocated to the correct franchise by territory
  • Franchisees access live up to the minute information on a 3G tablet wherever they are
  • Deliveries, pick-ups, and up sells are managed on the road by franchisees
  • Financial reporting is performed through the administration portal

Live bookings

The most prominent feature of the Mobile Skips cloud is the ability for customers to buy right away, directly through the website.  There is no need for them to talk with a customer service representative, they can check for availability, set the desired drop-off and delivery times and pay with a credit card – all in one web surfing session.  Since the customer performs their own data entry, the chances of errors due to rekeying data is eliminated, not to mention the savings in staff time.

Access to information

Details of live bookings can be accessed by the franchisee as soon as it is confirmed. No missing early morning drop off opportunities because the order came in after closing the day before. Of course this information can be accessed via a Smartphone or mobile connected tablet like an iPad or Android.

Administration and call centre staff can see a live picture of all orders and can provide customer service and management functions from any location that has internet access giving unparalleled visibility over the operation.

Franchisee Access

Franchisees access the system through a secure portal with their own username and password.  The status of their business is available from a simple to navigate yet powerful web based dashboard.  The day’s itinerary is clear and easy to understand with a Google Maps view over the location and status of the assets out on customer premises.


The website is the central point for the Mobile Skips cloud providing the interface for customer and franchisee engagements. The following are key elements to the Mobile Skips website:

  • Professional modern and clean design – provides for easy access to all business functions
  • Integrated content management – staff can keep site content up to date without having to remember additional usernames and passwords
  • Booking functionality – customers stay on the website until they have completed their purchase
  • Search engine optimised – ensures the business is visible to those looking for its services, reducing advertising costs
  • Managed media gallery – product use examples promoted using pictures and videos, and yes fully manageable using the same administration portal as all other functions.

In summary

WebVantage is proud to have been able to work with the team at Mobile Skips who have clearly articulated their requirements and together we have executed their vision of efficiency and scalability by creating their cloud.

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