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AJ Hackett

The AJ Hackett Website is the cornerstone for not only the company’s marketing strategy but also the interface for customers, staff and agents to the operation of the business.

AJ Hackett has demonstrated thought leadership in commissioning WebVantage to produce a website and following industry best practice for the integration of their and online presence with the operational aspects of their business.

The website has a many integrated components which promote the company’s best assets while giving customers true Web 2.0 experience.

Website components

The website has the following components:

  • Compliant production techniques

    WebVantage was able to showcase what is possible with search engine friendly and standards compliant HTML, resulting in a site that ranks very well in the search engines and loads quickly on computers with slow connections.
  • Cloud based booking system

    The online booking system is fully integrated into back of house operations. Customers and agents access availability in real time. Based on the WebVantage Booking Management System; customers, agents and staff can make reservations, handle payments, and print tickets and confirmation vouchers.
  • Gift voucher management

    The website allows for the purchase of and redemption of gift vouchers. Customers can buy a voucher and receive it by email then, at a later date, use the secure code to redeem for products and services. Back of house staff can report on and manage the outstanding vouchers.
  • Payment gateway

    Ensure the site is a revenue generating tool, the integrated payment gateway does not take the customer to a different site for payment processing, it is a seamless component.
  • Media gallery

    Videos and photos to add excitement.
  • Content Management System

    The content management system intertwined into the site ensuring that keeping information up to date is simple and straight forward.
  • Blog

    By encouraging interaction with customers, AJ Hackett are able to encourage repeat traffic to the site.

Integration into the business

The following operation departments interface with the website:

  • Marketing

    Publishing up to date content as well and the provision of exciting Web 2.0 services;
  • Finance

    Viewing real time revenue and sale reports, also ability to reconcile daily takings across agents, online, and walk in sales;
  • Point of sale / reservation

    Creation of bookings, check in process;
  • Transport

    Bus drivers can access, download and print live manifests which show pick up details of customers.

Online Bookings

Customers can use the website to create online bookings and pay using the secure payment gateway. A simple wizard guides the customer through the booking process, ensuring that up sell opportunities are capitalised upon, maximising revenues.

Agent Portal

Agents can use the website to login to a secure portal so that they can check availability and make bookings. Agents can print tickets and booking vouchers that are then validate by check in staff upon arrival. Agent commissions as well as debtors and creditors are managed from within the back of house management portal.


The entire site and back office process is managed through a single web based secure administration portal.

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